Hi, how are you?

Taylor Hodgkins, at your service!

I am a popular culture + lifestyle writer, who specializes in providing YOU + your website with modern + engaging content.

We all love devouring popular culture while somehow trying to justify our binge-watch sessions and all of the love + energy we invest into buying our third copy of “Exile On Main Street,” right? Me too. My goal is to explore the WHY’s and HOW’s of pop culture’s impact on our lifestyle.

My niche lies in delivering quality + easy to read personal essays and blog posts centering around popular culture and lifestyle topics. As a college graduate with a major in popular culture + a minor in sociology, I’m looking to understand the connection between the two entities and explore why pop culture lovers are passionate enough to live our lives surrounded by copies of dog-eared books, and multiple copies of the same record.

Do I sound like a good fit for you + your business? Drop me a line at taylor.m.hodgkins@gmail.com