last day in bowling green

i visited a log cabin

when the weather was hot

my black t-shirt clung to my body like a badge of honor

and a man looked at me

that’s all i ever wanted


i skated under a street light

with a boy i’d never met

he stuck his tounge down my throat

and put life inside of me.

my mom told me never to do that,

but i did it anyway.

and i lived a life full of sin


for two years and ten days

i stayed up all night polluting my lungs and kissing his fingers

after we shared doughnuts at GADS and survived another late night cooped up in Mass.

he left me one summer afternoon

and my life started


i sat under bright lights as he scooted next to me

and he held my hand

giving me more action than i had at seventeen

it was wrong it was wrong it was wrong wrong wrong

but for someone in her late teens,

i didn’t know what life meant to me.


goodbye to a platform that made my voice loud

when i had no idea how to speak

televisions blare

and messages tear at me all the time

but they’re not as loud

as when you asked me to be yours

in your car parked at the Sonic

i had to be in spanish class in 20 minutes

what a day that was.


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