Spotify Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself (Favorites of 2016, 79-70)


(Does this count as a music related picture? 7th grade band recitals were the bane of my existence.)

79. “Desdemona”- T.Rex: I hadn’t heard this song before one night in January at a David Bowie tribute night at The Stone Fox (R.I.P.- this place should be on an “overlooked deaths of 2016 list.) I had gotten there a little before the deejay started spinning Bowie records, and I’d noticed a girl totally entranced in this song. She was dancing around like I do on a daily basis in my bedroom, but I was totally into the fact she was feelin’ Marc Bolan so hard.

78. “Living This Life Makes It Hard”- The Dutchess & The Duke: I know absolutely nothing about this band. I discovered this song in the closing credits of an Orange is the New Black episode, and immediately looked it up on Spotify!

77. “Love Today”- MIKA: I’ve always been attracted to the extremely bright colors featured on MIKA’s album cover for “Life in Cartoon Motion.” However the first time I actually listened to a MIKA tune was almost a decade after the album was released! One of my favorite memories of year happened on a spring night when my roommate and I decided to go on a random drive around Bowling Green, and she had me choose a CD from her giant CD carrier. Vanessa told me about how “Life in Cartoon Motion” had been a favorite album of hers in high school; she was incredibly animated when she was telling me about listening to this album on her daily commute to school. “Love Today” was the track that stood out in my mind; I was incredibly attracted to how bouncy the track was, and I really could’ve used an upbeat track at the time!

76. “Atmosphere”- Joy Division: Joy Division will forever be a band that I need to explore further. I’ve always been a casual fan: I was the type of Joy Division devotee who would blast “Love Will Tear Us Apart” every time my high school crush ignored me on a near daily basis. I had never heard “Atmosphere” until discovering Stranger Things and feeling incredibly moved by its use in a scene from an early episode.

75. “Time Bomb”- Rancid: My 2016 revolved almost exclusively around the anticipation for the Gilmore Girls revival! I poured over the original series on Netflix in preparation for November 25th, and got hooked on an early episode (SPOILERS AHEAD) where Lane’s band, Hep Alien, preforms this song live. My dad also caught me bopping around to “Time Bomb” and mentioned it had been a staple on Lightening 100 in his college days- I love stories like that!

74. “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”- Adele: I’ve never been a huge Adele fan, but let me tell you, I was ALL OVER the Adele train when her latest record was released last year. I was now a full-blown fan when I heard my best friend Ashley play it for me after a night out. We had both bought the album for our mothers, and I think Ashley had pretty much taken over the gift. “Send My Love..” was the first time I really got into an Adele song and didn’t mind the number of times I found myself humming it!

73. “I’ll Be You”- The Replacements: Nothing compares to the first time you hear a Replacements track in a bar. I was sitting alone at Tidballs in Bowling Green when I heard the all too familiar guitar intro come over the speakers. I sat there in such a satisfied silence and toasted Paul Westerberg, where ever he might’ve been at the time. That single triumphant moment sort of sparked a revival for my ‘Mats love.

72. “All My Friends”-Snakehips: I haven’t the slightest idea who Snakehips is. I just know that when Ashley plays a song in the car during a nighttime drive, that I’m really going to dig it eventually. It didn’t take me very long to start humming “all my friends are wasted…” on my daily trek up the hill. It pretty much sums up a universal experience after a night out, I think.

71. “Gardenia”- Iggy Pop & Joshua Homme: News of Iggy and Josh’s collaborative release “Post Pop Depression” was the first time I considered that 2016 would be a good year for music in the wake of Bowie’s death. A snowstorm had delayed my commute back to Bowling Green for the beginning of the semester when I first heard “Gardenia” played on television for the first time. I’m a huge Iggy fan, and had always loved Queens of the Stone Age, so “Gardenia” was an exhale and a promise to look ahead.

70. “Sleep Come Down”- The Psychedelic Furs: By now it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that my Dad has a huge influence on who I am as a person and a music fan. I’ve always been a fan of the P. Furs, but I first discovered “Sleep Come Down” when Dad recovered a bunch of tracks he had downloaded during the golden era of Napster in the late 90’s. It was also special that my mother (who grew tired of my 80’s music obsession after a decade or so) still enjoyed this song, and remembered the music video fondly.


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