Spotify Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself (59-50)


(Here’s me when I went to go see the Violent Femmes

with a giant sushi burrito, and a very painful sunburn.)


It’s been a week since I wrote the last installment of my Best of 2016 series and what a week it has been! I have been settling into 2017 with a lot of country tinged music (I’ve really found myself sort of enjoying Miranda Lambert’s latest release?) I’ve been in a good head space as I headed back to school, and attempted to participate in my first 30 day yoga challenge via Yoga With Adriene (her videos are on YouTube and they’re fantastic!) I’ve been listening to a lot of happy teen pop from my younger days, too. It feels good!


59. “Paul Is Alive”- El Vy: One of my favorite releases of 2015, I kept this song in heavy rotation for a long time in 2016. I was immediately drawn in by the lyric in the beginning that goes, “Beatlemania made my mother think the way she does..” because it sets the tone of the song. It’s a bit mystic and dreamy.

58. “You Told Me”- The Monkees: 2016 brought the revival of The Monkees! Their reunion record Good Times was a new release that I certainly had some *good times* with, and I went back into the band’s catalog and discovered 1965’s “You Told Me” from Headquarters. My love for this song is pretty simple- I love a good pop song, and this one did the job for me.

57. “Dancing On My Own”- Robyn: I can’t believe I had never heard this song before this year considering I love 90’s dance pop. I first heard it on an episode of Girls and bought its first soundtrack largely to own a physical copy of this song. I subjected my boyfriend to (probably) one too many lip sync/dance routines to this one during a summer radio conference.

56. “Hold Me”- Fleetwood Mac: Another tune from a lesser favored Mirage, “Hold Me” has long been my one of my top favorite Fleetwood Mac song. Stevie and Christine’s harmonies are beautiful, but my favorite part of the song happens at the fade out; if you crank up the song, you can hear a fantastic guitar solo from Lindsey Buckingham. It’s short, but it is so worth multiple rewinds. I hardly play the song only once!

55. “Karma Police”- Radiohead: I’d always been around Radiohead since the beginning of my strong memories, but I’ve never quite sat back and listened to them on my own time. I assume many people may start with the band’s critically acclaimed album Ok Computer, so I did the same, zeroing in on “Karma Police.” I had always heard “Karma Police” had been a good “beginner track” into the world of Radiohead and it’d had been a longtime favorite of my Dad. I ended up playing it often on the jukebox of my favorite bar. It really brought down the house! 😉

54. “Battery In Your Leg”- Blur: I have my parents to thank for introducing me to Blur beyond the familiar “woo hoo” heard across the land in sports arenas. Blur’s two disc greatest hits compilation became a stereo staple for my Mom during the last year, and I was riding with her once and noticed how dreamy a particular track sounded. After looking it up, I discovered it was known as “Battery In Your Leg.” I promised myself that I would use this song in a dream sequence if I ever wrote a movie with a scene of me crying softly in the back of a car, and pressing my hand on the window, like one of those young adult fiction covers.

53. “Five Years”- David Bowie: My 2016 was defined by Bowie, of course. “Five Years” has long been a personal one for me, and I opted for “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” while on a Bowie Spotify Binge.

52. “Memory”- Violent Femmes: I’ve been a fan of the Violent Femmes for a long time, particularly in high school when my alter ego was Angela Chase from “My So Called Life” and I had my own Jordan Catalano. Imagine my excitement when I discovered I could now stop wearing out their debut record, and continuously listen to their newest release in a decade! I picked “Memory” for rotation at Revolution, because I loved how it sounded so much like a classic Violent Femmes tune.

miscellaneous trivia about me: I had the opportunity (thanks, Katy!) to see them at the 2016 Pilgrimage festival. It was kind of spur of the moment and in the middle of September, so I didn’t think I was going to need much sun screen. My shoulders are incredibly tan to this day, complete with the imprint from my purse strap. I just really wanted to hear “Add It Up”, okay?

51. “Bittersweet”- Emma Swift: Emma Swift’s EP was probably my favorite discovery of 2016. I discovered her through her work and touring with her partner, Robyn Hitchcock, whom I’ve been a fan of forever. Emma’s voice is incredibly honey sweet and the perfect soundtrack to many nights spent studying sadly in the library. I’m casually trying to become Twitter friends with her, so I can have the chance to tell her how cool she is.

50. “Easy”- Mothxr: I’ve talked about Mothxr a lot in this series, and I hope you’ve decided to check out their music by this point! “Easy” was the first track I discovered when I came across the incredibly simplistic music video via YouTube for Revolution rotation, and it quickly became a staple and rotation favorite.


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