Spotify Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself (49-40)

I’m listening to this playlist a bunch as I write these posts. I’ve got the original order memorized almost, but I’ve started to put this on shuffle as I listen to it. This brings the question to mind: are playlists, or records, tapes, or CDs meant to be heard in the track order in which they were originally created? It’s fun to not know what song is coming next, but there’s an odd level of comfort when you know the exact order of songs.

49. “Beyond Belief”- Elvis Costello and the Attractions: WHY is this one on my list? It’s not a surprise to me or for those of you who know me well. I’m sure I hear at least one Elvis song a day, whether it’s intentional or playing in the background. Maybe it’s because Nathan and I saw him live when he came to Nashville in October? Regardless, it’s a favorite of mine. It’s Elvis when he got “weird” and hired Geoff Emerick, who produced several mid period Beatles albums.


(Nate and I at the Ryman. God, he’s cute.)

48. “You Can’t Help Me Now”- The Both: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo’s 2014 collaborative project as The Both has been a fixture for me for a long time. I love to listen and watch how well they preform together. There isn’t a single song that I skip on The Both’s self titled album.

47. “Jacksonville”- Ryan Adams: I think I’ve talked about how much I love Ryan Adams in a previous post, but in case it needs to be brought up again, I really dig him! I discovered this track via Ford, my best pal and resident North Carolinian resource. The song is about Jacksonville, North Carolina, which is Adams’ hometown. I’ve always loved to hear songs about an artist’s hometown as they detail the rise or decline of the place they know best.

46. “88 Lines About 44 Women”- The Nails: This is probably one of my guiltiest pleasures of all time. I feel like writing about the song wouldn’t do it justice. Just listen to it. I even played it on the radio a few times- probably not my brightest decision as a program director? It was also my go-to song for working out?

45. “On Tour”- Kurt Vile: My love for Kurt Vile’s music could probably warrant its own post. I discovered Kurt in high school via my Dad, who is more on top of current music than I will EVER be. In 2011, I think the newest music I was listening to probably came out in 1989. Dad had been listening to Vile’s latest, Smoke Ring For My Halo a ton, and it became our soundtrack for when we went to Cleveland after I graduated. Ashley discovered Kurt this year when she went to Bonnaroo, and dangit, I was happy to play her some favorites.

44. “College Music”- Gap Dream: “College Music” is the perfect title for this weird boy-rock.I have no idea what Gap Dream looks like, but I picture them to be a bunch of cute and sweaty guitar playing boys, with nice eyes who like to make weird noises in the garage. This was one of the first tracks that Ford played for me after he became MD at the station, and I really dug it. I’m still sorry I did not put it in my top 30 list for last year, Ford.

43. “Kiss Off”- Violent Femmes: If you saw my previous post, I talked about my experience seeing the Violent Femmes at the Pilgrimage Music fest in Franklin. I went with my friend, Katy, and she also fell victim to the blistering sun. By the time the Violent Femmes played, we were both lying on the ground and groaning at our inability to function in the outdoors. When the band played “Kiss Off”, however, we were able to do some limp wiggling.

42. “Hidden Shame”- Johnny Cash: One time Ford and I took a road trip to see Nate, and I forced Ford to listen to some Elvis Costello b-sides all the way to Nate’s place. I was kind of disoriented during the drive, but I remember hearing Elvis’ version of this a bunch. When I got back to Bowling Green, probably collapsing into a heap, I looked up Johnny’s original version. It’s better.

41. “The House We Grew Up In”- The Weeks: Some of my favorite memories involve bouncing around to music in Ashley’s apartment. I don’t know what it is, but we always bop a little harder when we listen to this song. I won’t pretend to know a lot of songs by The Weeks, but dang, I love this song.

40. “Love Is A Drag”- Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift: Two of my favorite musicians as of late, collaborated together, and it’s really dreamy and hardly even heartbreak-y to me. I love how their voices blend together. It’s silky. If you like the feeling of silk and would like to know what silk sounds like, it sounds like this.

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