Spotify Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself (39-30)


(I still rock really hard. like all of these selections on the list.)

39. “Sleepy Doni”- Pujol: I bought a PUJOL record in high school, but put it on the back of the shelf for a long time, and finally gave the band a chance when their 2015 EP Kisses was released. You know those records that you’re not prepared to hear for a long time because you’re not prepared to have your mind blown? Kisses was that EP for me, and I particularly dug “Sleepy Doni” with its catchy chorus and bouncing sax.

38. “Secret Garden”- Bruce Springsteen: Is there a point in life where everyone is supposed to wake up and start listening to The Boss  if they haven’t been listening to him since infancy? Someone told me I’d like this song, and it ain’t bad.

37. “Keep The Car Running”- Arcade Fire: My first exposure to Arcade Fire came from Revolution, and I always loved what I heard. However “Keep The Car Running” was released a few years before, so I had missed it, and I’m really happy to have found it! I was riding around with Ashley on New Years Day of 2016, and she told me that she’d heard this song before and knew I would love it. I tend to get extremely optimistic during the early days of the new year and I bounced along to this song for a while, and damn, this is the definition of pep.

36. “Turtles All the Way Down”- Sturgill Simpson: If you’ve never heard of Sturgill Simpson or had the chance to hear his music, I hope you saw his performance on SNL this week. After you watch that, go listen to this song from his sophomore record, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. Sturgill is the “new classic” of country music and will no doubt have a hand in redefining the genre.

35. “Sound and Vision”- David Bowie: Bowie forever and always. As I tried to keep Bowie’s memory alive in 2016, I tried really hard to figure out which track of his was my very favorite. I decided that award would be impossible to give, but I know for sure that “Sound and Vision” is pretty close to number one. The chorus has sort of become a life mantra for me in times of difficulty in decision-making. “I will sit right down waiting for the gift of sound and vision….”

34.  “Shadow”- LEV: This track is one of my all time favorites I first heard at the station! Part of the appeal of the song was that I had NO idea for ages who did the song. I would hear it during times of automation, and I couldn’t find a thing on the internet pertaining to the few lyrics I remembered. “Shadow” is pretty close to its name; it’s dreamy and reminds me of past times.

33. “Janie Jones”- The Clash: It’s the only band that matters. Need I say more?

32. “Dear Mr. Fantasy”- Traffic: Traffic is my boyfriend’s favorite band, so I’ve heard this track so many times in passing, but never really got to listen to it until he was helping me move back in to my dorm in Bowling Green for my last semester. One of the most attractive ways of listening to music and committing songs to memory have to do with staring out the window while paying attention to everything going by, and Traffic evokes those kinds of memories.

31. “Sittin’ and Thinkin'”- Elvis Costello and the Attractions: I had no idea that I’d been listening to this song so much this year (like any of Elvis’ tunes.) this one was from his Nashville recorded country record, Almost Blue, and every song on that record is depressing yet extremely comforting, like all country music.

30. “Breezeblocks”- Alt-J: One of my favorite tracks from Revolution that brought me into the present college radio sphere. You know you’ve found a good tune when it inspires you to actually work out!


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