hey ladiesssss!


(these are my ladies. my OG ladies, if you will. I have many ladies I will talk about in this blob but these ladies are my ladies.)

I love this time of morning. It’s 9:30am and I’m just barely awake. I’ve got one cup of coffee next to me that I have only had one sip of. ONE SIP! When I was on campus, I would wake up much earlier than this, and so much more frazzled than I am now, but it was part of the routine that I so craved and was determined that it would make me successful in the future. This routine consisted of drinking three cups of coffee before I decided to leave my room, and then gathering a ton of notebooks or something to carry to which I would finally run to the campus coffee shop with notebooks in hand. I’d balance my cup of coffee in one hand and all of my books in the other, and I would toss them all on the table with a very hard thump, that I’m choosing to describe as a flourish.

In my head, I associated the fast paced routine of the early morning as a practice run for ADULT SUCCESS and it was a reflection of all the women I’ve ever admired in my life. As a kid my version of a successful woman was someone who could get stuff done while drinking insane amounts of coffee in order to enhance her productivity levels (I’m under the assumption that all Coffee Drinking Ladies are like me, and their productivity levels collectively go down by noon). One of my Favorite Guys recently remarked that I “seemed to have a good work ethic” but then he made fun of my love for black coffee in the same breath. I wanted to take my spine out and show him it’s made from coffee grounds.

My model of “Coffee Drinking Ladies” originated from exposure to (many fictional) women who were driven to make themselves heard through their talents. I’m sure many of these women didn’t have a crazy dependency on black coffee but they knew what motivated them to accomplish their goals. The first lady I admired was an extreme badass in her own right, but she also showcased her abilities in a fictitious version of herself. Lucille Ball is the reason why I’m alive, y’all.


(me as Lucy in second grade for “famous americans day.” I know the whole Vitamitavemin monologue by heart. get at me!)

Lucille Ball was a pioneer in comedy and was one of the first women to headline her own production company. I always admired her because she was an amazing writer and I was always captivated by the way she told stories. Most importantly, her character on I Love Lucy taught me the importance of independence and to always have an unwavering sense of motivation to accomplish your dreams. Sometimes she had 23% of alcohol to help her in the process.


I owe nearly everything I know to this lady right here. I have Granny to thank for my hard coffee addiction, and my ability to remind myself to Keep Going when everything is tough and I just want to watch episodes of Full House or 7th Heaven. Granny accomplishes most (if not all) or her daily goals while I’m still on my first cup of coffee and sighing heavily about whatever chores I have to finish. Most importantly she has taught me to always go after what it is that I want and to never let anyone stand in my way (even myself. hoo boy, especially myself) to accomplish these goals. Just the other day she sent me an email titled “12 Ways To Stop Being Average And Make Your Life Better Right Now.” Truthfully I wanted to throw my phone against the wall, but it’s really important for me to remember nuggets of wisdom like this. Success is up to me and I can’t rely on the stupid excuses that charge into my head at approximately 8:15am each morning.

I’ve been seriously irritated at myself lately for taking some (much-needed, despite whatever I tell you) time to figure out my next step in life. I’m trying to make the most of it each day by cranking Husker Du’s version of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song and continuing to get stuff done. I owe all of that to all of the women in my life who inspire me to keep going with one cup of coffee at a time.

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