Trash by Taylor: August favorites


(hey, hi, it’s me. i know it’s been a long time, but i’ve just been trying to live life, y’know?)

August was a weird month. It was one of those months where you find yourself as a character in a coming-of-age film, but John Hughes didn’t write your film, so there is a whole lot more flailing than falling in love with Jake Ryan, or something. My graduation from college became official with the very unexpected arrival of my diploma on my doorstep, when I was anticipating a cassette tape rack. I went to the beach and got to eat a Whataburger, and I got caught up on the different documentaries about Princess Diana, while the ocean roared in the background.


(Taking a moment to bask in the light of the Whataburger sign, with some palm trees! If Whataburger were church, I’d go every Sunday with or without the promise of spicy ketchup. Speaking of ketchup, I brought home some Whataburger packets for some dudes because that’s how I show my interest. I have a spicy packet for someone I’ll probably never see again afterward. He should be glad there isn’t a Whataburger in Nashville. Hey, Whataburger, WHAT ABOUT THAT? COME TO NASHVILLE COME TO NASHVILLE, ETC).

August was also the month of the eclipse and the return of Taylor Swift, which she arguably attempted to “eclipse” with her return to music. Both events left me feeling some type of odd way, my reaction to Taylor’s comeback was far from *swift.* I was left feeling overwhelmed by the eclipse with the realization I do not take the time to appreciate the simplicity of nature or recognize the overwhelming power of our universe. I have gotten extremely wrapped up in my daily struggles, to the point where I didn’t bother to take the time to realize how important the eclipse was, because it would be the only full eclipse I will ever see in my lifetime. I felt really affected by that. I will probably write a separate post about it because it really made me step back and reevaluate my levels of self-awareness, and how they have bled too far into the signal of the “real world.”

For the first item on my ~*stuff~* list, I present to you some ladies that have been with me since the age of thirteen, assisting and educating me through some tough times, like that period in 7th grade when we were required to tuck our shirts in, and I couldn’t come to terms with the strange looks I received due to the combination of a Pac-Man t-shirt and brightly colored elastic jeans:


  Buying The Facts of Life Complete Series box set has been on the top of my list for a long while, but I needed some sort of magnificent excuse to commit myself to reliving my ENTIRE adolescence! I’m TELLING YOU, my whole life was dedicated to Mrs. Garrett and her uniformed girls. I looked to all of them for answers to who I was, and why certain aspects of me didn’t quite make sense, according to the rules of 7th grade popularity. I was a Jo in a world full of Blair Warners, with the sense of humor of Natalie, and the spunk and loyalty of Tootie, and it was hard to choose an identity. I always turned to the show when life got rough; my time attempting to navigate the post-graduate world is no exception. I need me some Mrs. G. You can buy the complete series here.


Books by Rainbow Rowell! I have been heavily into fiction books lately to occupy my mind for long periods of time. Rowell’s bestselling book, Eleanor and Park, has been on my to read list for ages; since it has been sitting on my library’s wait list for a few months, I decided to check out some of her other books. I just finished Landline, and loved it. Rowell’s love for detail within her characters kept me hooked, and is doing the same for me with Attachments, which I’m currently reading.




  1. Lilly Hiatt- “The Night David Bowie Died”: This song hasn’t left my head since my best friend (HI, FORD, ARE YOU READING THIS?!) told me I “needed the song”, after choosing it for airplay at our college’s radio station. I’d heard of Hiatt before, but have never checked her out until this song. As with any weird time period in one’s life, there are those songs with the incredibly relatable subject matters that we tend to gravitate toward, and Lilly’s tale of realizing screw-ups in a relationship has been close to my heart (and ears) for a while. Her album, Trinity Lane, was released last week.

2. Whiskeytown- “What May Seem Like Love”: If you’re in conversation with me, it won’t be very long until I mention my love for Ryan Adams. His solo music has felt like a constant companion during the last few years, as a staple on my college station, and essential listening during a break up. Despite knowing how much Adams’ lyrics have helped me through some tough times, my life was turned UPSIDE DOWN when I finally heard the debut album from his 90’s band, Whiskeytown. I felt like every single lyric on every single track spoke to me in many ways, especially “What May Seem Like Love.” I think Faithless Street will always be a marker for this period of time in my life forever, and I’ll listen sometime in the future and come right back to this moment.

3. Aly & AJ- “Take Me”: As a tween in the mid 2000’s, sister duo Aly and AJ were staples of my middle school years, while I adorned my locker with Hilary Duff magnets, and taped posters of Jesse McCartney on my closet door from Popstar! magazine. I listened to their album, Into The Rush, constantly and waited for the music video for “Chemicals React” to come on Disney Channel like my life depended on it. I send my cosmic thanks to the sisters for releasing their first single in a decade (!!) during a period where I’ve listened to “Potential Break Up Song” enough to rival the play count on my iPod nano from 2007. “Take Me” is a  pop bop straight from 1987, and that is pretty much all I need to be satisfied in life.

4. Elliott Smith- “Whatever (Folk Song In C)”: Elliott Smith’s music has always been on my shelf. I know right where my collection is, whenever I need it. I’m not incredibly familiar with his discography, and I’ve almost kept it that way on purpose. When I discover a new Elliott Smith song or album, I’m always struck by how much I needed it. “Whatever (Folk Song In C”) from New Moon, was brought up in conversation with one of my best friends during a daily text. He said “Whatever” was his favorite Elliott Smith song and I instantly felt more connected to him, as I do whenever someone tells me about a favorite song.

5. Robyn Hitchcock- “Virginia Woolf”: I FINALLY had the chance to see Robyn live this past weekend in Nashville, and I gained a newfound appreciation for this track after seeing it played live. 2017 has been a difficult year but it has brought me a long list of new albums to get through, and I’m happily stuck in the month of April, when Hitchcock released his latest work. I’ve always been a big fan of Robyn for his versatile albums. His self titled album features a full band and the tracks are electric, which I think is Robyn at his best. Seeing Hitchcock and co. live last week in action really captured the mood for this album!

I hope your August has been good. Cheers to another month of living and blogging, and blogging about living!




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