it is not normal to cry into a sandwich about nuclear war: 2017 (so far) line-by-line.


I am currently reading Theft By Finding by David Sedaris and have been incredibly inspired by his ability to keep a journal for a quarter century. I don’t know if I will ever write for this long, but I’m excited by the prospect. 2017 has been a year for me– I decided to document some bullets of my own journal writing because I’m always trying to preserve my fascination with the concept of time. It is the last day of September so I’m not blaming myself for lack of growth or anything; I’m excited by the prospect of more to come.

  • I had a dream I was breaking countless wine glasses at an italian restaurant. my mouth was incredibly dry at 5:30am.
  • we settled everything through a phone call where his voice morphed in and out of sleep, and i’m too tired to resist.
  • I felt it everywhere so strongly. We giggled and he sweetly pulled me back, before he kissed me again on the forehead.
  • “she doesn’t have a crucified heart. that is all I know.”
  • ….mental health in the Trump administration.
  • I have terrible heartburn. the onion nausea is terrible.
  • Not walking in two weeks will be full of consequence.
  • He told me I was a “goddamned American Treasure” and today, I believed him.
  • The heart is my lamest affair.
  • Freaking out over the prospect of being too “clever” and telling too many jokes.
  • god forbid I care about your education rather than your music career!
  • I’ve told him two jokes and it’s not even 9am. can he laugh this early? i wonder if he will laugh.
  • It is not normal to cry into a sandwich about nuclear war.
  • I am a human with thoughts and feelings. they are valid no matter what they are about.

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