life update



(I took this picture circa 2010 at an antique store with my first cell phone camera.)


I just ate macaroni and cheese with a brownie for lunch and I feel bad about it but the brownie was ace, so who cares?

That is, what I’ve always been taught to be called a “short term” update, but this blog post is going to be more on the long playing surface. I really just wanted to incorporate a reference to long-playing records in here.

You might have noticed I’ve pretty much completely abandoned my blog. I even stopped writing the monthly Spotify posts with my favorite music selections– this is brutal. I honestly completely forgot to do February’s post (or was it.. January?) I still made the playlists, which you can click upon if you follow my on Spotify. I will follow you back and stalk your listening history so hard so that I can say “hey, I know you listened to Lou Bega last Tuesday. How do you think the girls from ‘Mambo No. 5’ are doing?”

I have not forgotten about the blog. I’ve just decided to take her in a new direction! It’s taking a lot out of me to refrain from making a One Direction reference.

I’m going to be focusing more on my first love, pop culture! I’ll be writing posts and creating segments devoted to my favorite music, books, and movies. I’m also hoping to incorporate my college study of sociology into it and tie every piece back to the essential question, why does pop culture bring the masses together? Also, there are some cases I can think of where pop culture can drive people apart! (read: I’m specifically referencing the time I forced my best friend to watch You’ve Got Mail and she totally dissed it, thus hurting my f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s. f-o-x.)

If you’re into all things related to pop, keep tabs on the blog for more!
















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