trash by taylor: march favorites

(If you haven’t heard about or checked out the new album generator for the new 30 Seconds To Mars record, check it out)

I haven’t done one of these posts in ages, it seems– that’s a huge drag because this is one of my favorite sections of the blog! March was a quick month where I really had a lot on my mind for the first time in ages. If you’ve been following me around social media, you’ve probably heard I’m making some headway on my freelance writing career. I’m still excited to explore all of the avenues of freelancing and creating my own business; marketing myself has been a little difficult as I’m an introvert, and have been for my entire life. Thankfully though, I’m trying to build my brand around my popular culture niche, and I’ve got a lot to say about all of my favorite pop culture stuff!

Of course the music has been perfect and very fitting with the extremely weird off-weather season we’ve been having so far. Since I’ve started writing freelance, I’ve started to treat music as a “treat” (ugh- I hate that word.) while I take breaks from writing. Doing this has allowed me to focus on the music better and allow myself to go through discographies and Spotify playlists, so I can discover more!

This month has been a month of discovery for both old and new music, which I consider to be really successful! March was dubbed “the unofficial month of Nick Cave” where I began to scratch the surface of the Bad Seeds’ discography, much to the delight of my parents, who are huge fans. “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” was my first exposure to one of his full albums, which can mean one’s first exposure to Nick’s brilliant lyricism. I’ve always been a fan of words, so discovering an artist known for his lyricism is a DREAM!

1.  The Boys Next Door- “These’s Boots Are Made For Walking”: To capitalize on my Nick Cave kick, I finally took the time to discover this 1978 cover from his early band, The Boys Next Door. If you know me, it’s probably not surprising how much I seek out or gravitate to punk /New Wave nuggets. It’s weird to make the connection the lead singer of this band is Nick Cave behind the fast tune. The music video is required viewing to get the full picture!

2. Cat Power-“A Woman Left Lonely”: I’ve been a casual fan (I mean, regrettably casual) of Cat Power for ten years or so, after being a vulnerable fourteen year old who discovered Cat Power via the “Juno” soundtrack. I’ve always meant to discover more of Cat Power, but I’ve always sort of held off because her voice is so beautiful and chill bump inducing. I had a Joni Mitchell documentary on in the background last week, and really started to pay attention when footage of Cat Power recording a cover of “A Woman Left Lonely” came on. I don’t know where else the footage is available, but I recommend finding it because of the way she moves around while singing. Even in the studio, she moves around as if she’s commanding a room full of people. After watching this footage, it’s impossible to separate the visual from the song which makes the listening experience so much better and much more full.

4. Father John Misty- “Everyman Needs A Companion”: I’m still going through my love affair with Josh Tillman’s voice to the point where I don’t care what comes out of it. The last track from his 2012 record “Fear Fun” is definitely less on the sinister side, and more on my beloved romantic side. He’s perfect for my “life phase” right now, because there’s always a perfect balance between the vulnerable and the angry. Each song I discover is enjoyable because I don’t know what I’m going to get yet.

5. Soccer Mommy-“Cool”: The most recent on my discovery list, Soccer Mommy rights all of my wrongs. I’ve always been so fascinated with musicians who are relatable and open with lyrics, and Soccer Mommy is scratching my itch. Soccer Mommy’s first full length album “Clean” is full of songs which trigger some aggressive head nodding and “UH HUH YEAHS” for me, and there is nothing better for me while discovering and listening to music for the first time! It works!

March was a month of positive change and continued reflection but as cheesy as it is, I’m coming out of the extreme need to reflect on everything going on in life. So the change is positive and I think I’m hearing music more clearly without having to automatically associate a song with a specific person upon hearing it for the first time. I know some songs can remind you of a certain time in your life, and I’m all for that, but I’ve got a habit of saying to myself “this song will always be about ________” and I’m not going to disassociate the song with them, especially if the relationship isn’t the most positive one in the world.” I swear, I’m not this verbose.

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