Welcome to my portfolio!

I am a writer and social media contributor for the Indie music blog, Indietastic. Since the blog’s launch, I have written monthly pieces on my favorite music picks in the form of listicles. For your website or blog, I’m able to provide detailed listicles with a specialty in personal detail. By including personal narrative commentary to your blog or website’s listicle, I can create relatable content which will drive traffic to your website; everyone enjoys reading personally relatable listicles because they are quick to read, and a connection is made within the short time it takes to read a listicle. I also regularly contribute personal essays to Indietastic. You can read an example of my work here in my essay “Is It Me or the Music?” I especially enjoy writing personal essays about music because music is one of the most important forces in bringing people together. I find it very comforting and interesting to read personal essays related to music.

I wrote one piece for The Opal Club in October 2017 about my relationship with the films of my youth and how it influenced my relationship with my first love. The Opal Club is a website geared for women with a specialty in submitting your favorite media, and my essay is reflective of an example of my knowledge in popular culture and varied interests.

I have recently been hired at Blasting News as a freelance journalist specializing in TV-related content. For your blog or website, I will provide TV reviews in a variety of genres, on a weekly basis. You can view my profile which includes examples of my work, here.

If you would like to read examples of my work on Medium you can check out my profile, here!




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