Trash by Taylor: August favorites

(hey, hi, it's me. i know it's been a long time, but i've just been trying to live life, y'know?) August was a weird month. It was one of those months where you find yourself as a character in a coming-of-age film, but John Hughes didn't write your film, so there is a whole lot … Continue reading Trash by Taylor: August favorites

Holler & Dash- Nashville, TN

(The "Chicken, Set, Go" biscuit from Holler & Dash) I had never been to Holler & Dash or had heard of a "biscuit only" restaurant until recently, and I'm really sold on the concept after my first visit! I went to Holler & Dash with my best friend for the first stop of my Birthday … Continue reading Holler & Dash- Nashville, TN

Trash by Taylor’s July favorites

This is my first "favorites" post and I'm pretty excited about it! July was a good month. I'm a little biased because I was born in July and love the heart of the summer! I've gathered a few things this month that have gotten me through the heat and the thought of getting older and … Continue reading Trash by Taylor’s July favorites

throwing a fit about zits

Hi, internet! This is my unfiltered face and sometimes I really don't like it. I'm thankful for Instagram because I can choose filters to take the focus away from my acne. Sometimes my mother will volunteer to use photo editing apps to take the zits away. This is my relationship with acne as a 24-year-old, … Continue reading throwing a fit about zits

23 Things I learned from being 23

  (The visual description of me as a 23 year old. I'm sitting at my favorite coffee shop while wearing a shirt advertising my favorite bar; i spent a lot of time at these places, and they were very much havens for a strange time in life.) My birthday was three days ago, and I … Continue reading 23 Things I learned from being 23

The One Where I Got A Tinder And Then Realized I Was On A Break From My Real Feelings

I'm very behind on my blog and very sorry about it! I don't really know how to start this post, but I feel like that is a pretty good summary of the month I've had. I'm feeling really behind on absolutely everything, and I'm feeling pretty sorry about it as if there is an expiration … Continue reading The One Where I Got A Tinder And Then Realized I Was On A Break From My Real Feelings

i had a really bad migraine at church

  I'd like to preface this by apologizing, because I still feel the need to apologize before writing about difficult subjects especially when there are feelings I'm still working through about Big Issues and Changes I've undergone in the last six months. This post was inspired by a sociology project where I was instructed to … Continue reading i had a really bad migraine at church