prom sch-mom

(there's spoilers after the "Read More" tag!) I have a pretty fierce relationship with television. I was always happiest as a young girl when I was plopped in front of the television; my strongest  early childhood memories are of commercials and cartoons. When I grew up a bit, I realized I was trying to finding … Continue reading prom sch-mom

Trash by Taylor’s July favorites

This is my first "favorites" post and I'm pretty excited about it! July was a good month. I'm a little biased because I was born in July and love the heart of the summer! I've gathered a few things this month that have gotten me through the heat and the thought of getting older and … Continue reading Trash by Taylor’s July favorites

Everything I ever wanted came from the Boob Tube.

THIS POST WILL PROBABLY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS ABOUT SOME MID 90'S TEEN DRAMAS YOU PRETEND NOT TO CARE ABOUT, SO BEWARE. (Pretty much every picture of me taken from ages 2-4 features me standing incredibly close to the TV. I'm sure that could qualify as being a metaphor for my close relationship with it or … Continue reading Everything I ever wanted came from the Boob Tube.