MALSI Shows Us What She Wants With Her New Single DOWN



When I am in the midst of one of my dreamy moods where I’m imaging myself walking hand in hand with a crush down a neon-lit shopping mall hallway, I often pretend we’re walking into paradise while engulfed in the sounds of an ethereal soundtrack. This fantasy of mine is reoccurring, so I’m always looking for the perfect tune for gliding dreamily along my imaginary hallway. Thankfully there’s a new gal in town whose new single is soothing my eternally airy soul!


Her name is MALSI, and she’s making a simple request with her first single “DOWN” taken from her sophomore album, Chem Class. MALSI would like you to be honest with her, thankyouverymuch; behind the vintage synthesizer sound, our girl is serious and ready for commitment. “DOWN” begins with a simple question: Are you down for her the way she’s down for you?


It’s easy for the listener to be ‘down’ with MALSI’s request, but her paramour should buckle up. The chorus is driven by MALSI’S proclamation she’s “not here to fuck around,” and let me tell you, her sentiment is real and she knows how to deliver her terms and conditions wrapped in a glossy sheen and palm tree imagery. Let us not forget, MALSI is currently based in California, and she didn’t forget to sprinkle hints of carefree Cali vibes underneath her extremely relatable wish that her man would just wake up and get with it!


If DOWN is any indication of the tracks we’ll hear from MALSI’S upcoming record, Chem Class, which MALSI says is due this Winter, it’s fair to assume MALSI’s fans will be gifted a slew of songs for the listener to throw their hands in the air and bop around endlessly around the room, just as I’ve been doing nonstop since eagerly hitting “play” approximately 20-or-so streams ago! MALSI tells Vents Magazine the recording process was “incredibly cathartic,” and as a listener, I’ll say she’s right on the money; I added DOWN to my playlist of incredibly upbeat songs with strong messages directed toward clueless dudes.

“DOWN” drops today, September 13th. You may not know it yet, but trust me when I say you’ll want to dance into your weekend by discovering MALSI and her flawless new track! Give MALSI a follow over at her Facebook page, and keep tabs on her Instagram pics at musicbymalsi.

All photos via Instagram


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